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    menuicon claims We've compiled resources to help you better understand insurance concepts, types of coverage, terms and definitions. We also have provided a comprehensive library of articles and FAQs.

    Insurance Terms & Definitions

    menuicon dictionaryFor a better understanding of insurance terms and definitions, please see this detailed insurance dictionary.  The terms are arranged alphabetically and can be searched via our the search box at the top of this page.

    Types of Insurance

    menuicon infoFor a thorough description of the types of insurance policies available on the market, you can browse this online reference. Both personal and business insurance types are explained.   A perfect companion for our insurance dictionary.

    Flood & Disaster Insurance

    menuicon floodFor information on flood insurance and other types of disaster insurance, see this series of online articles.  It is important to know what your homeowners insurance may not cover.   Flood insurance may be one.

  • Auto Safety

    menuicon auto Auto safety has always been a major concern in the public safety arena.  With the growth of personal technology use, a new challenge has become at the forefront in the media, "distracted driving".  See this and other informative articles to help your education in auto safety.

    Cyber Security Tips

    menuicon padlockWhether surfing the internet at home, conducting business online or using your mobile phone, everyone should be aware of the dangers in cyberspace.  See this series of articles to get more information and helpful tips.

    Seasonal Safety Tips

    menuicon calendarAs each new season starts it is important to consider the unique safety challenges it presents.  Whether testing the smoke detector when the clocks change or making sure you have enough salt for icey sidewalks, good safety habits can protect you.

    Disaster Preparedness

    menuicon tornadoWhen a disaster strikes, it is too late to think safety preparedness.  Having fire evacuation plans, an emergency safety kit and a properly supplied first aid kit are just a few ways you can prepare for the worst. Be proactive, make a plan now.

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