Storing Your Summer Toys

jetskiAs summer beings to wind down, it’s time to start preparing some of your summer vehicles for the cold months to come. If you have a motorcycle, RV, or boat, these are items that need to be taken care of to ensure they are protected when the temperature freezes (and let’s face it, in Nebraska, it’s only just a matter of time.) Here are a few tips to be sure your toys are taken care of: Get any necessary repairs out of the way—the change in weather could exarcerbate them or cause further damage. This includes checking the tires for any leaks or other damage. Make sure you clean all of your vehicles thoroughly inside and out; and be sure to wax them to protect from rusting. Remove all water from the engines and use anti-freeze where necessary (follow your vehicle’s manual on what is appropriate). Following the manual’s instructions, remove the batteries and store them safely. Consider adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank so that your motor won’t get damaged from old gas in the long winter months. Be sure you have a storage plan that is appropriate for your vehicle—whether it’s your garage, a shed, or a rented storage unit. Verify that your vehicles are protected by insurance year-round. Regardless of whether they’re in use, there are still many things that can happen, such as theft or fire.

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