Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner's insurance protects your investment in your home. It provides coverage for your residence, as well as your personal property and personal liability. The price you paid for your home is probably not the amount you will choose to insure it.  What will it cost to rebuild your home?  While there can be limitations for things such as jewelry, fine arts, etc., these items can most generally be scheduled to the policy for an additional premium. Do you have a home-based business? Our agents will discuss coverage options with you, to determine the best fit for your needs.

Renter’s insurance protects your personal property and provides liability coverage for those individuals who rent apartments or do not own their home.  The landlord insures his property, not yours.   It costs less than you think. An example of liability coverage would be if you are found negligent after fire in your apartment and the landlord seeks reimbursement for the damages to his building.

Golf Carts are no longer being used just on the golf course. There are many people that are using them as a means of transportation around the neighborhood, going to the store, etc. depending if the city regulations where they live allow this type of usage. Having the proper insurance is important. How you use your golf cart will determine how it needs to be insured. Our hometown agents can discuss the options available.

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