Insurance and Tax Issues with Nannies and Housekeepers

nannyWith more and more families every year having both parents work full time, there has been an increasing need for help around the house with childcare and chores like cleaning, laundry and running errands. If you’re hiring household help it’s important to understand how having domestic workers (including nannies, housekeepers, caretakers, etc.) around your home can impact not only your insurance coverage- both your auto and your homeowners- but also how it could have tax implications for you. If you don’t understand these issues, the result could be something quite atrocious.

Avoid a Bracket Busting Claim: Insuring Special Events

It’s time for March Madness! Are you planning a blowout that will make render an entirely new meaning to “bracket busting?” Has your neighborhood community center asked for a either a hold-harmless agreement or a damage deposit exceeding your current mortgage payment? 

Sounds too Good to be True: Downloading Illegal Music

Remember the days of curling up to the radio on a Saturday night, torturing yourself through commercials and lame tunes just to be able to crank it when Mr. DJ played your favorite song?

No longer does one require the patience to spend an entire evening anticipating the next round of “Love Me Tender” or the BOC’s “Godzilla.” File-sharing programs make an instant world faster—obtaining music and video clips with a click. Popular versions like iTunes legitimize the process through pages of service agreements and per-transfer fees, but every program is not so “official.”

Who Let the Dogs Out

There are times when man’s best friend becomes his worst nightmare. While many dog owners cite “security” as the reason they keep canines, less than 1% of those bitten by dogs are unlawful intruders. A majority of victims—more than 70 %—are children.


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