Preparing for the Flu Season

healthcareIn light of the continuing spread of the H1N1 virus, the Nebraska Department of Insurance encourages consumers to include a flu response plan in their disaster preparations this year. The first step in making that plan is a comprehensive review of your insurance policies. Here are a few things you should look for:

LIFE INSURANCE ROADMAP Understanding a life policy at different life stages

life insuranceLife insurance may seem like something you only need to think about at a certain age. However, these policies offer various benefits that may be useful at different life stages. If you have a policy, it’s important to review it with your agent every few years to keep up with changes in your family status, income and needs. At the same time, make sure your beneficiary is aware of the existence of the policy. The following tips are offered to learn more about life insurance.

Get the Right Coverage for Your Nebraska Home

5-Surprising-facts-about-home-insuranceResidents of this Midwestern state deal with many severe weather events including tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and extremely cold winter temperatures. All of this can lead to damage to your home. Fortunately, you can protect yourself against extreme financial losses by purchasing a suitable Nebraska homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance provides two basic types of coverage: property coverage and liability coverage. These two factors can give you peace of mind knowing that you are not at risk of losing what one of your most expensive and important investments.

  • Property Coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to your home and its contents after a covered event. Most policies automatically include coverage for fire, wind-damage, hail, lightning, extreme freezing temperatures, falling objects, vandalism and theft. You may be required to purchase additional riders to cover damages caused by floods, tornados and earthquakes. Property coverage is broken up into two components:
    • Structural coverage: This provides compensation if the structure of your home is damaged or destroyed. This coverage usually includes surrounding structures such as detached garages and storage sheds.
    • Contents coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to your personal property. Extremely valuable items, such as jewelry, heirlooms and antiques, may require additional riders order to be fully covered.
  • Liability coverage: A liability claim against you can lead to unmanageable financial losses unless you have insurance coverage for it. Nebraska homeowners insurance shields you from:
    • Bodily injury or property damage claims: If someone is injured or suffers property damage while at your home, this will provide coverage for medical costs and property replacement.
    • Charges of libel and slander: Most home insurance policies provide coverage if you find yourself on the wrong end of libel or slander lawsuit.
    • Damages or injuries caused by children and pets: Many home policies will provide coverage if your pet bites someone or if your child breaks someone’s window while playing ball. These events do not have to occur on your property.
    • Court costs and legal fees: Even if a case against you is thrown out, court costs and legal defense fees can add up. Fortunately, liability coverage includes compensation for these expenses.

Speak with an agent in the Trusted Choice network today to learn more about Nebraska homeowners insurance and start comparing rate quotes for policies that are right for you.

Find the Right Nebraska Car Insurance Policy

car shoppingWhether you are insuring personal or commercial vehicles, you are required by Nebraska state law to carry liability insurance coverage. Nebraska’s minimum coverage requirements are currently set at 25/50/25, which means you must carry a minimum of:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per injured person
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury liability if more than one person is injured
  • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage for any third-party property damage

Failure to carry this mandated insurance can lead to fines of up to $500 and suspension of your drivers license. The state of Nebraska exempts vehicles with dealer plates and those with 30-day plates from this insurance requirement.

State-imposed liability limits were designed to protect drivers from the high costs associated with property damage and medical care in the wake of an accident. In most cases, these amounts provide enough coverage, but accidents that involve serious injuries or fatalities can easily exceed these limits. For this reason, many Nebraskans elect to purchase higher amounts of liability coverage.

Holiday Decorating Safety

Holiday-DecoratingFor many, the winter holidays are a time of joy, celebration and tradition. Decorating your home, yard or office is a fun, festive way to celebrate the season. A little planning can help you enjoy your display all season long. Following are some tips from Travelers Risk Consultants to help keep your family and friends safe around your decorative displays.

New Year, New Financial Outlook

Consumers should reevaluate their insurance coverage and budget in the new year.

new year new finanial

A national survey revealed consumers have an alarming lack of knowledge about their own insurance coverage. As the New Year approaches, Trusted Choice® agents urge consumers to resolve to get their insurance coverage and finances in order.

More than one-third of consumers in the study said they have never conducted their own research prior to purchasing an insurance policy. Almost 40% of consumers in the study say they are not confident or only somewhat confident that they have adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for their needs.

The new survey also found that more than one-third of policyholders have not met with or even talked to their insurance agent within the last year. A new baby, marriage, divorce, death, home renovation or a major purchase could significantly impact your insurance needs and costs. Trusted Choice® agents encourage consumers to stay in contact throughout these life changes, as they can be crucial to your financial security.

Make Room for the New, and Take a Home Inventory During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration and family. Most people have a few extra days of vacation to relax, and some use this time to play catch-up or finish projects that have been looming for the past year.

holiday inventory

You can utilize this time to complete (what should be) an annual home inventory. We don’t want to discourage you from doing inventory on your different-colored tube socks, but this home inventory is geared toward helping you maintain an accurate record of your valuables for insurance purposes. A home inventory is a list and visual record of all your personal belongings, which will help you find replacement items if you ever need to do so.

Three Insurance Resolutions for the New Year

new years 2015Some people vow to exercise more, or to quit smoking or to read more books, and these are all admirable New Year’s resolutions. But what about resolutions that help provide you with peace of mind, more protection and a little more money in your wallet?  Trusted Choice ® Independent Insurance Agents encourage you to review these three straightforward “insurance resolutions" that can help you start 2015 on the right foot:

Check to See If You Qualify for Discounts to Lower Your Premium

Get Deals, Not Steals: Tips for Shopping Safely Online

Thanksgiving is over, and the holidays are in full swing, which means stores and malls are bustling with holiday shoppers looking for presents to put under the tree. While some people enjoy the adventure of going from store to store in search of that perfect gift, others seek refuge from the holiday crowds by buying their gifts online.
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