True Peace of Mind Protection. A true livestock producer does not consider their cattle as “contents”. So why should their insurance?

Gregory's Insurance offers a cattle or horse mortality policy with The Hartford. The following coverages are automatically included in the equine and bovine policies: Limited Animal Mortality, Livestock Mortality, Emergency Colic Surgery (applies to horses only). There are additional coverages available for Surgical Expense Option and Major Medical for a nominal fee. The Loss of Use coverage applies only to equine.

Do you know your cattle are not covered under your farm policy for smothering or freezing during a snow storm? Gregory’s Insurance can provide you a quote for the Livestock Feeding and Growing Facility coverage available thru The Hartford with a policy limit of up to $10,000,000 per Occurrence, $10,000,000 Listed Location limit per occurrence and $1500 per head limit. Additional coverages such as contaminated feed and smothering/freezing are also available. This policy is designed to protect valuable livestock for an array of perils such as:

  • Fire and Lightning/Smoke
  • Windstorm, Hurricane, Cyclone and/or Tornado
  • Hail
  • Explosion, Riots or Riot Attending Strike, Civil Commotion
  • Falling Aircraft and Objects Falling from Aircraft
  • Collapse of Bridges or Culverts
  • Accidental Shooting (except by the insured, livestock owner or their employees)
  • Drowning / Electrocution
  • Attack by Wild Dogs
  • Building Collapse
  • Collision with a Vehicle
  • Smothering

Contact your Hometown Professional agent at Gregory's Insurance for more information and/or a quote for the coverage that fits your operations.

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